Giving Back

VCA has also been very committed towards social causes & continuously strives to achieve small steps in the same direction.

We have been always been actively participating in various social activities like eradication of illiteracy, stand up against oppression on womenfolk, volunteer work to support those people whose houses & belongings have been damaged due to various natural calamities, help the economically weaker sections of the society, nurturing the needs of special children incl. differently abled, Blind & Deaf & Dumb by providing them proper platforms, providing monetary assistance to talented Girl children from the economically backward classes etc. to name a few.

Today VCA boasts of having one of the most happening Durga Puja's in Navi Mumbai upholding Traditional Bengali Art & Culture, supporting Local Artists & Artisans, showcasing Original Skills of the Bengali culture, aiding the cause of Socially Backward people & creating a platform for upcoming cultural artists. The VCA USP has been the all-inclusive outlook inviting everyone in its fold. In addition, we have been successful in replicating & bringing the authentic Bengali cuisine for all food connoisseurs during this festival too.

Further to this our Social Responsibility Group (SRG) was launched in 2010 which aims to provide the following:

  • Aid to Cancer Patients
  • Scholarships to Needy Students
  • Hosted a Dance Drama by the inmates of Alipore Central Jail, Kolkata
  • Organize medical camps for the needy
  • Free Eye-checkup drive in partnership with renowned Eye clinics
  • Support to Traditional Artisans for displaying their craftsmanship